Employment conditions

Employment conditions at ASTRON

ASTRON is a subsidiary of the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO). NWO constitutes together with some other 'scientific' employers the Employers organization for Research Councils (WVOI). WVOI has its own labour agreement which you can find at: CAO onderzoekinstellingen

In addition to the labour agreement NWO has other complementary arrangements.


Career development

ASTRON can offer various ways to develop your career, like for example: learning on the job, commitment in challenging projects which appeals to your talents and capacities, visiting conferences, training programs and of course sharing the knowledge within the institute itself, for example by organising colloquia. Within ASTRON several areas of expertise offer the possibility to develop from a junior to a senior level. To show interest in a career development plan within ASTRON, please contact the HR-department. 

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