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ASTRON and JIVE employ people from over 20 different countries, reflecting our international outlook. About 20% of the ASTRON employees and 50% of the JIVE employees come from outside of the Netherlands.

To assist you joining us, ASTRON and JIVE's Human Resources department will provide all useful information: paperwork, housing, health insurance and other related issues. We hope this will make your move to the Netherlands a smooth one.

For further reference, if ASTRON is mentioned the same is applicable to JIVE.


Traveling to the Netherlands and obtaining legal documents

Depending on your native country, the amount of paperwork varies.
+ See the paperwork page - Please read this carefully !

The main Dutch airport is Schiphol Airport (Amsterdam). For travel and details, you can contact the office manager of the division you will be joining.

To find out how to reach Dwingeloo by train or by car, see the Route to ASTRON page.


Moving to the Netherlands

With regard to moving all your belongings ASTRON has good contacts with several international moving companies. After acceptance of our job offer, the HR-department will contact them and request them to give us a quote for the move of your belongings. The moving company will contact you first to take inventory.

The maximum volume paid by ASTRON & JIVE is:
- Employee: 10 m³
- Partner: 6 m³
- Per child: 2 m³

When you decide to move more than the above mentioned volumes the remainder will have to be paid by yourself.
In some cases, ASTRON and JIVE offer a relocation allowance. For more details please contact the HR-department.

If you bring your car, a motorcycle or a pet, check the customs (douane) brochure: "Moving to the Netherlands"
+ More about customs


Learning Dutch

ASTRON & JIVE offer all foreign employees an inhouse Dutch language course.

An online dictionary can be found at:



As part of settling in the Netherlands ASTRON and JIVE will make you a member of Connect International. The first year will be paid by ASTRON and JIVE. After the year has ended you can decide wether or not you would like to continue the membership. Connect International is an organisation for foreigners in the Northern part of the Netherlands.

Contact personnel [at] astron [dot] nl (HR-department)



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