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Disclaimer: The HR department is not responsible in any way for the information provided on the mentioned websites.


NWO (Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research)
Everyone at ASTRON & JIVE is employed by NWO. ASTRON is a research institute of NWO and NWO supports the JIVE operations.


  • IND, The Dutch immigration services
    What conditions must you meet? And what documents do you need? This depends on your specific situation. Take a look at the IND residence wizard, but only use it with an employee of the HR department, to avoid misunderstandings.
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs welcomes you to the Netherlands








Public service information
  • Postbus 51 is the Dutch government's centre for public service information. Here you can order leaflets and other publications (select an item on the scroll menu and click on "Toon resultaten" to see the results)





  • ASTRON employee Adriaan Renting has gathered some interesting information on his website:
  • Connect International offers service, information and support to businesses and international residents to help familiarize them with the practical, cultural, educational and commercial aspects of the Northern Netherlands.


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