Upcoming Events

4-7 April: 3rd LOFAR Users Meeting & LOFAR Community Science Workshop
18-20 April: Cursus Toegepaste RF Techniek


Bi-weekly: LOFAR status meeting Wednesday's 11.00-12.30


Permanent exhibitions

In the public observatory of Zwolle, information and demonstration models of the International LOFAR Telescope can be found. For more information, please visit: . The observatory is managed by the association Thales, Zwolle (Association for Meteorology and Astronomy):

LOFAR antennas are also featured in the old Observatory in Leiden (Oude Sterrewacht). For more information, please visit the website of the Leiden Observatory.  

LOFAR antennas at the Leiden Observatory.


Past Events



16-18 November: Cursus Toegepaste RF Techniek
4 Oktober: Open dag ASTRON/ JIVE Dwingeloo 12.00-17.00
17 September: First Dome colloquium
31 August - 4 September: Life-cycle of gas in galaxies: A Local Perspective
29 June-3 July: SDP face-to-face meeting
16-17 June: Seminar: Quality in Electronic Design and Manufacturing
4-5 June: LOFAR's Multifrequency Snapshot Sky Survey Workshop
1-3 June: 2nd LOFAR Users Meeting & LOFAR Community Science Workshop
26-27 May: ASTERICS kick-off meeting
20-22 May: 70th Netherlands Astronomy Conference (NAC 2015)
26 March: Users Platform meeting Microserver
25-27 March:Dome Face-to-Face meeting
23-25 March: Cursus Toegepaste RF Techniek
2-3 february:Discovering the Sky at the Longest Wavelengths



26 November: 2nd NLAP Workshop, TU Delft
19-20 November: Bits&Chips Smart Systems 2014
17-21 November: 3rd LOFAR Data Processing School
3-5 November: Cursus Toegepaste RF Techniek
29 Oktober: DOME Open Users Platform Event
3 July: The ASTRON & IBM Center for Exascale Technology presents: The DOME Premiere, introducing the High-Performance Microserver
7-11 April: LOFAR Science week, Amsterdam
7-11 April: ASTRON at the Hannover Messe, the most important industry venue in the world. This year, the Netherlands is partner country of the Hannover Messe.
4 April: Mini-symposium for Prof. Joseph Taylor: from its roots to the future of Dutch radio astronomy
31 March - 2 April: MIDPREP workshop & AAMID consortium meeting
24-26 March: Cursus Toegepaste RF Techniek
17-19 March: 7th PHISCC workshop, Dwingeloo
22 February: MFAA Workshop, Stellenbosch
16 January: NL SKA Industry Meeting


3-5 December: AADC Consortium Meeting
19-20 November: First NLAP Organizational and Technical meeting
4-7 November: The Radio Universe @ Ger’s (wave)-length
4-6 November: Cursus Toegepaste RF Techniek
7-11 October: NOVA Fall school
5 October: Open dag: Ontdek de schatkamers van het onzichtbare heelal!
9-13 September: European Radio Interferometry School
25 July-25 August: The LOFAR Expedition, a theater production by the PeerGroup
29 may: Symposium "Reinventing Radio-Astronomy: Technologies that made a Difference"
24-25 April: NOVA Optisch/ Infraroodgroep op Fotonica-evenement
15-17 April: Cursus Toegepaste RF-techniek
3-5 April: Probing Big Data for Answers, ASTRON at the Target Conference in Groningen. One of the keynote speakers: Dr. Marco de Vos, Managing Director, ASTRON. Click here for the other keynote speakers and the programme of the event.
8-12 April: ASTRON at the Hannover Messe. Visit us at the Holland High Tech House! Click here to obtain a free entry ticket from ASTRON for the Hannover Messe.
19-20 March: LOFAR Collaboration Science workshop (Dalfsen II)
6-10 January: ASTRON booth 435,437 at the 221st meeting of the American Astronomical Society (AAS), Long Beach, California (US).



5-7 November: Cursus Toegepaste RF-techniek
28 October - 2 November: ASTRON (booth #614) @ the European Microwave Week
17 October: launch of the ASTRON & IBM Center for Exascale Technology
7 oktober: Ontdek alles over ons zonnestelsel op het Melkwegpad!
20-31 August: ASTRON at the IAU XXVIII General Assembly in Peking, China 
12-13 July: AA Calibration and Calibratability Meeting, Novotel Amsterdam Airport Hotel
1-6 July: ASTRON at the SPIE Astronomical Instrumentation 2012 at the Amsterdam RAI
15 June: Janfest (mini-symposium), ASTRON Dwingeloo
12 May: EU Kijkdag @ ASTRON
23-27 April: ASTRON at the Hannover Messe 2012
17-18 April: ASTRON bij de Bedrijven Contact Dagen Drenthe
16-18 April: Cursus toegepaste RF techniek.
27-28 maart: NOVA Optisch/ Infraroodgroep bij ASTRON op Fotonica Event.
27 May 2011 - 23 January 2012: Exposition "Beyond the Stars: Reis naar de oneindige Ruimte". University museum in Groningen.
8-12 January 2012: First Science with LOFAR at the meeting of the American Astronomical Society. The  ASTRON booth is located at nr. 116-118.



12-16 December: Taking the AA programme into SKA Pre-Construction in Dwingeloo.
30 november: ASTRON presenteert innovatieve technologie op het 8e netwerkcongres van Sensor Universe
7-9 November: Cursus Toegepaste RF-techniek
18-30 September: Second Workshop on 3rd Generation Calibration in Radio Astronomy in Portugal
14-15 September: Workshop: First Science with LOFAR in Dalfsen
23-27 May 2011: Conference: Understanding Galactic and extragalactic foregrounds
16-18 May 2011: Cursus Toegepaste RF Techniek
29-30 Mar 2011: ASTRON-NOVA booth at Photonics Event 2011
16 Mar 2011: Micro - Nano technology for space
1 Feb 2011: Deadline for applications for the  ASTRON/JIVE Summer Student Programme  2011
9-13 Jan 2011: ASTRON @ booth 110 @ 217th AAS Meeting in Seattle, WA, USA



1-3 November: Cursus Toegepaste RF Techniek
Zondag 24 October: Open day ASTRON & JIVE
22 October: Mini-symposium to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the WSRT
11-15 October: LOFAR Data Processing School
9-16 June: International SKA Forum 2010
19-20 April: LOFAR Magnetism Key Science Project meeting
12-14 April: Cursus toegepaste RF-techniek
29-31 March: RFI Mitigation Workshop, Groningen (NL)
30 March: Fotonica evenement, Nieuwegein
16 March: Seminar:  Op zoek naar de juiste golflengte - praktische invulling van de R&TTE richtlijn, Dwingeloo
26-28 January 2010: SPIE Photonics West 2010



2-3 December: ASTRON at the Precision Fair 2009, Veldhoven
23-27 November: Powerful Radio Galaxies: Triggering and Feedback
25 November: SKA NL Informatiedag
25 October: Sterrendag Dwingeloo 2009
1-2 October: Stromfest,  ASTRON Dwingeloo
2009: International Year of Astronomy 2009

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