Swirling Electrons in the Whirlpool Galaxy

Cosmic particles and magnetic fields in the galaxy M51 observed with the LOFAR radio telescope. Read more

NASA's Fermi Finds A 'Transformer' Pulsar

In late June 2013, an exceptional binary containing a rapidly spinning neutron star underwent a dramatic change in behavior never before observed. The pulsar's radio beacon vanished, while at the same time the system brightened fivefold in gamma rays, the most powerful form of light, according to measurements by NASA's Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope. Read more

Radio-burst discovery deepens astrophysics mystery

The discovery of a split-second burst of radio waves by scientists using the Arecibo radio telescope in Puerto Rico provides important new evidence of mysterious pulses that appear to come from deep in outer space. Read more

Astronomers find supermassive black hole blasting molecular gas at one million kilometers per hour from a galaxy

New research led by Clive Tadhunter (Sheffield University) and including Raffaella Morganti, Tom Oosterloo (ASTRON/Kapteyn Institute Groningen University) and Raymond Oonk (ASTRON/Leiden University), has solved a long-standing mystery surrounding the evolution of galaxies, which deepens our understanding of the future of the Milky Way. Read more

12 M€ for Netherlands contribution to design of the Square Kilometre Array

A consortium consisting of ASTRON and the Universities of Amsterdam, Groningen, Leiden and Nijmegen has been awarded 12M€ for their participation in the design of the Square Kilometre Array (SKA). The SKA will be the world's largest and most powerful radio telescope. Read more

Nomination Christiaan Huygens Science Award 2014 for Stefan Wijnholds

Stefan Wijnholds, working as a researcher at ASTRON, has been nominated for the Christiaan Huygens Science Award 2014. Read more

Three new Polish antenna stations for LOFAR telescope

Today, ASTRON and the Polish LOFAR consortium POLFAR signed a contract for the construction of three new antenna stations for the International LOFAR Telescope (ILT) in the north, west and south of Poland. Read more

First Light for SPHERE Exoplanet Imager

SPHERE - the Spectro-Polarimetric High-contrast Exoplanet REsearch instrument - has been installed on ESO's Very Large Telescope (VLT) at the Paranal Observatory in Chile and has achieved first light. Read more

Order of the Star of Italy for Prof. Morganti

At a ceremony held yesterday at the residence of the Italian Ambassador, the Head of the Astronomy Group of ASTRON, Prof. Raffaella Morganti, has received a knighthood awarded to her by President Giorgio Napolitano and presented to her by the Italian Ambassador Dr. Francesco Azzarello. Read more

Collaboration is key for SKA pre-construction

ASTRON has been working with representatives of the NRC (National Research Council, Canada) and CSIRO (the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation) to undertake a collaborative measurement programme using three different receiver element designs as part of SKA pre-construction work.

These phased array feed (PAF) demonstrators are being tested at CSIRO's Parkes Observatory, using the Parkes Testbed Facility. The PAFs being tested are not full-sized arrays, but a representative array with which it is possible to emulate the performance of a full-size PAF. Read more

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