ASTRON/JIVE International Summer Student Programme

ASTRON/JIVE Summer Student Programme 2015

The Netherlands Institute for Radio Astronomy (ASTRON) and the Joint Institute for VLBI in Europe (JIVE) announce the availability of a limited number of grants for their 2015 Summer Research Programme. The Programme enables astronomy students (graduate or advanced under-graduate) to spend the summer (10-12 weeks) at the Dwingeloo Observatory, conducting astronomical research under the supervision of ASTRON and JIVE staff members. Possible topics of study include radio galaxies and quasars, aspects of observational cosmology, continuum and line emission/absorption from normal and starbust galaxies, faint radio sources, pulsars, molecular clouds, cosmic magnetism, as well as working with LOFAR data. The actual project the successful candidate will work on will be defined after arrangement with the local supervisor. The programme is not aimed at engineering or electronics students.


ASTRON operates the Low Frequency Array (LOFAR), a cutting-edge, low-frequency, multi-field aperture array telescope that is using transformational technologies and novel software approaches to explore the Universe between 10-240 MHz. ASTRON also operates the Westerbork Synthesis Radio Telescope (WSRT) used for observations at wavelengths from 3.6 to 92 cm (which will soon be equipped with the new widefield APERTIF receivers). JIVE is the main data processor centre of the European VLBI Network (EVN) and is leading the development of real-time e-VLBI in Europe. For more information see the institutes' websites.


The research grants will provide successful candidates with accommodation in the locality of the Observatory, a modest stipend for up to three months, and full travel reimbursement. We expect the participants to start early June 2015 to ensure overlap of the participants so they can fully benefit from the scheduled lectures and social activities.


Applications for the programme should be sent via the registration module at this website. Please note that two letters of reference are needed; names and contact information of referees should be filled in while registering. Deadline for applications is 9 February 2015.

Registration for the ASTRON/JIVE Summer Student Programme 2015 is opened! 

Deadline for applications is February 9, 2015.
To apply for the summer studentship 2015, please fill in the on-line application form:
Please note that in the on-line application form, you should give the names and details of two referees. These referees will be asked to submit a reference letter for you before February 9, 2015. This is also an on-line process.

Please find below more information about the 2015 programme:

In case you have questions please send an email to summerprogramme [at] astron [dot] nl.



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