Authors List for LOFAR commissioning papers

This is the Authors List which has been compiled by the Board of the International LOFAR Telescope. It contains people that have either done work essential to LOFAR for the equivalent of one full-time year or if they played a key role in organising the funding or participation of their country to LOFAR.

Additions may always be made later and the Publication Committee aleady maintains a list of candidates who with further contributions are likely to become eligible soon.

The list below was last updated in April 2013, and is in aphabetical order, irrespective of affiliation. 


Alexov, Anastasia  a [dot] alexov [at] stsci [dot] edu
Anderson, James  janderson [at] aip [dot] de
Anderson, Ken K [dot] R [dot] Anderson [at] uva [dot] nl
Arts, Michel  arts [at] astron [dot] nl
Asgekar, Ashish  asgekar [at] astron [dot] nl
Avruch, Max  I [dot] Avruch [at] astro [dot] rug [dot] nl
Bahren, Lars  lbaehren [at] gmail [dot] com
Batejat, Fabien
fabien [dot] batejat [at] chalmers [dot] se
Beck, Rainer  rbeck [at] mpifr-bonn [dot] mpg [dot] de
Bell, Martin mebell [at] physics [dot] usyd [dot] edu [dot] au
Bell, Michael R. mrbell [at] mpa-garching [dot] mpg [dot] de
Bennema, Peter bennema [at] astron [dot] nl
Bentum, Mark  bentum [at] astron [dot] nl
Bernardi, Gianni gbernard [at] cfa [dot] harvard [dot] edu
Best, Philip  pnb [at] roe [dot] ac [dot] uk
Birzan, Laura  birzan [at] strw [dot] leidenuniv [dot] nl
Bonafede Annalisa annalisa [dot] bonafede [at] hs [dot] uni-hamburg [dot] de
Boonstra, Albert Jan  boonstra [at] astron [dot] nl
Braun, Robert Robert [dot] Braun [at] csiro [dot] au
Bregman, Jaap  bregman [at] astron [dot] nl
Breitling, Frank fbreitling [at] aip [dot] de
Brentjens, Michiel  brentjens [at] astron [dot] nl
Broderick, Jess J [dot] Broderick [at] soton [dot] ac [dot] uk
Broekema, Chris  broekema [at] astron [dot] nl
Brouw, Wim  brouw [at] astron [dot] nl
Brüggen, Marcus  M [dot] brueggen [at] hs [dot] uni-hamburg [dot] de
Butcher, Harvey butcher [at] mso [dot] anu [dot] edu [dot] au
Ciardi, Benedetta  ciardi [at] mpa-garching [dot] mpg [dot] de
Coenen, Thijs tcoenenbackup [at] gmail [dot] com
Conway, John  John [dot] conway [at] chalmers [dot] se
Coolen, Arthur  coolen [at] astron [dot] nl
Corstanje, Arthur A [dot] Corstanje [at] astro [dot] ru [dot] nl
Damstra, Sieds  damstra [at] astron [dot] nl
Davies, Owain  owain [dot] davies [at] stfc [dot] ac [dot] uk
de Bruyn, Ger  ger [at] astron [dot] nl
de Gasperin, Francesco fdg [at] hs [dot] uni-hambutg [dot] de
de Geus, Eugene geus [at] dysi [dot] nl
de Jong, Alwin jong [at] astron [dot] nl
de Reijer, Jan Pieter  reijer [at] astron [dot] nl
de Vos, Marco  devos [at] astron [dot] nl
Dettmar, Ralf Juergen  dettmar [at] astro [dot] ruhr-uni-bochum [dot] de
Dijkstra, Klaas  dijkstra [at] astron [dot] nl
Donker, Pieter donker [at] astron [dot] nl
Doorduin, Arie  doorduin [at] astron [dot] nl
Dromer, Jerome  
Drost, Marco drost [at] astron [dot] nl
Eisloeffel, Jochen  jochen [at] tls-tautenburg [dot] de
Engels, Dieter
dengels [at] hs [dot] uni-hamburg [dot] nl
Enst, Joris van j [dot] vanenst [at] hetwaterschapshuis [dot] nl
Falcke, Heino H [dot] Falcke [at] astro [dot] ru [dot] nl
Fallows, Richard fallows [at] astron [dot] nl
Fender, Rob  rpf [at] phys [dot] soton [dot] ac [dot] uk
Ferrari Chiara
chiara [dot] ferrari [at] oca [dot] edu
Frieswijk, Wilfred frieswijk [at] astron [dot] nl
Gankema, Hans j [dot] a [dot] gankema [at] rc [dot] rug [dot] nl
Garrett, Michael  garrett [at] astron [dot] nl
Gerbers, Marchel  gerbers [at] astron [dot] nl
Griessmeier, Jean Matthias jean-mathias [dot] griessmeier [at] cnrs-orleans [dot] fr
Grit, Teun grit [at] astron [dot] nl
Gruppen, Peter gruppen [at] astron [dot] nl
Gunst, Andre  gunst [at] astron [dot] nl
Hamaker, Johan  hamaker [at] astron [dot] nl
Hassall, Tom tomehassall [at] gmail [dot] com
Heald, George  heald [at] astron [dot] nl
Hessels, Jason  hessels [at] astron [dot] nl
Hoeft, Matthias  hoeft [at] tls-tautenburg [dot] de
Hoerandel, Joerg J [dot] Horandel [at] astro [dot] ru [dot] nl
Holties, Hanno  holties [at] astron [dot] nl
Horneffer, Andreas AHorneffer [at] mpifr-bonn [dot] mpg [dot] de
Horst, Alexander van der
A [dot] J [dot] vanderHorst [at] uva [dot] nl
Houwelingen, Andre van   
Huijgen, Arie  huijgen [at] astron [dot] nl
Iacobell, Marco iacobelli [at] strw [dot] leidenuniv [dot] nl
Intema, Huib  intema [at] strw [dot] leidenuniv [dot] nl
Jackson, Neal
njj [at] jb [dot] man [dot] ac [dot] uk
Jelic, Vibor jelic [at] astron [dot] nl
Juette, Eva
eva [dot] juette [at] astron [dot] nrun [dot] nl
Kant, Dion  kant [at] astron [dot] nl
Karastergiou, Aris aris [dot] karastergiou [at] gmail [dot] com
Klein, Wouter klein [at] astron [dot] nl
Koers, Arjen h [dot] u [dot] a [dot] koers [at] rug [dot] nl
Koehler, Janna jana [at] mpifr-bonn [dot] mpg [dot] de
Kollen, Hans  h [dot] kollen [at] dutchspace [dot] nl
Kondratiev, Vlad kondratiev [at] astron [dot] nl
Kooistra, Eric kooistra [at] astron [dot] nl
Koopman, Yde  koopman [at] astron [dot] nl
Koopmans, Leon  koopmans [at] astro [dot] rug [dot] nl
Koster, Anne koster [at] astron [dot] nl
Kramer, Michael mkramer [at] mpifr-bonn [dot] mpg [dot] de
Kuniyoshi, Masaya mkuniyos [at] mpifr-bonn [dot] mpg [dot] de
Kuper, Geert kuper [at] astron [dot] nl
Labropoulos, Panagiotis labropoulos [at] astron [dot] nl
Law, Casey  claw [at] astro [dot] berkeley [dot] edu
Lemaitre, Jerome  
Loose, Marcel  loose [at] astron [dot] nl
Maat, Peter  maat [at] astron [dot] nl
Macario, Giulia
giulia [dot] macario [at] oca [dot] eu
Mann, Gottfried  gmann [at] aip [dot] de
Markoff, Sera
s [dot] b [dot] markoff [at] uva [dot] nl
Masters, Joe  jmasters [at] nrao [dot] edu
McKay Bukowski, Derek  derek [dot] mckay [at] stfc [dot] ac [dot] uk
McKean, John  mckean [at] astron [dot] nl
Meijering, Hopko h [dot] meijering [at] rc [dot] rug [dot] nl
Meulman, Henri  meulman [at] astron [dot] nl
Mevius, Maaijke  mevius [at] astron [dot] nl
Miley, George  miley [at] strw [dot] leidenuniv [dot] nl
Millenaar, Rob  millenaar [at] astron [dot] nl
Miller-Jones, James james [dot] miller-jones [at] curtin [dot] edu [dot] au
Mohan, R. Niruj  mohan [at] strw [dot] leidenuniv [dot] nl
Mol, Jan David  mol [at] astron [dot] nl
Morawietz, Juergen morawietz [at] astron [dot] nl
Morganti, Raffaella
morganti [at] astron [dot] nl
Mulcahy, David D. dmulcahy [at] mpifr-bonn [dot] mpg [dot] de
Mulder, Eim mulder [at] astron [dot] nl
Munk, Harm  munk [at] astron [dot] nl
Nieuwenhuis, Lambert  nieuwenhuis [at] astron [dot] nl
Nijboer, Ronald  rnijboer [at] astron [dot] nl
Noordam, Jan  noordam [at] astron [dot] nl
Norden, Menno  norden [at] astron [dot] nl
Noutsos, Aris anoutsos [at] mpifr-bonn [dot] mpg [dot] de
Offringa, Andre offringa [at] astro [dot] rug [dot] nl
Olofsson, Hans  Hans [dot] olofsson [at] chalmers [dot] se
Omar, Amitesh  aomar [at] strw [dot] leidenuniv [dot] nl
Orru, Emanuela E [dot] Orru [at] astro [dot] ru [dot] nl
Overeem, Ruud  overeem [at] astron [dot] nl
Paas, Harm h [dot] paas [at] rug [dot] nl
Pandey-Pommier, Mamta  mamtapan [at] gmail [dot] com
Pandey, V.N.  pandey [at] astro [dot] rug [dot] nl
Pizzo Roberto pizzo [at] astron [dot] nl
Polatidis, Antonis  polatidis [at] astron [dot] nl
Rafferty, David  rafferty [at] strw [dot] leidenuniv [dot] nl
Rawlings, Steve  sr [at] astro [dot] ox [dot] ac [dot] uk
Reich, Wolfgang  p098wre [at] mpifr-bonn [dot] mpg [dot] de
Reitsma, Jan reitsma [at] astron [dot] nl
Renting, Adriaan  renting [at] astron [dot] nl
Riemers, Paul  riemers [at] astron [dot] nl
Roettgering, Huub  rottgeri [at] strw [dot] leidenuniv [dot] nl
Rol, Evert  evert [dot] astro [at] googlemail [dot] com
Romein, John  romein [at] astron [dot] nl
Roosjen, Jan  roosjen [at] astron [dot] nl
Ruiter, Mark ruiter [at] astron [dot] nl
Sarod Yatawatta yatawatta [at] astro [dot] rug [dot] nl
Scaife, Anna a [dot] scaife [at] soton [dot] ac [dot] uk
Schaaf, Kjeld van der  schaaf [at] dysi [dot] nl
Scheers, Bart L [dot] H [dot] A [dot] Scheers [at] uva [dot] nl
Schellart, Pim P [dot] Schellart [at] astro [dot] ru [dot] nl
Schoenmakers, Arno  schoenmakers [at] astron [dot] nl
Schoonderbeek, Gijs  schoonderbeek [at] astron [dot] nl
Schwarz, Dominik dschwarz [at] physik [dot] uni-bielefeld [dot] de
Shulevski, Alexander a [dot] shulevski [at] astro [dot] rug [dot] nl
Sluman, Jurjen sluman [at] astron [dot] nl
Smirnov, Oleg  smirnov [at] astron [dot] nl
Sobey, Charlotte csobey [at] mpifr-bonn [dot] mpg [dot] de
Spreeuw, Hanno hspreeuw [at] science [dot] uva [dot] nl
Stappers, Ben Ben [dot] Stappers [at] manchester [dot] ac [dot] uk
Steinmetz, Matthias  MSteinmetz [at] aip [dot] de
Sterks, Cees c [dot] g [dot] m [dot] sterks [at] rug [dot] nl
Stiepel, Harm Jan stiepel [at] astron [dot] nl
Stuurwold, Klaas stuurwold [at] astron [dot] nl
Swinbank, John swinbank [at] transientskp [dot] org
Tagger, Michel  Michel [dot] Tagger [at] cnrs-orleans [dot] fr
Tang, Yuan tang [at] astron [dot] nl
Tasse, Cyril cyril [dot] tasse [at] obspm [dot] fr
ter Veen, Sander s [dot] terveen [at] astro [dot] ru [dot] nl
Thomas, Ivan  Ivan [dot] Thomas [at] obs-nancay [dot] fr
Thoudam, Satyendra s [dot] thoudam [at] astro [dot] ru [dot] nl
Tol, Bas van der  vdtol [at] strw [dot] leidenuniv [dot] nl
Toribio, Carmen
toribio [at] astron [dot] nl
Usov, Oleksander   
van Ardenne, Arnold  ardenne [at] astron [dot] nl
van Bemmel, Ilse bemmel [at] astron [dot] nl
van Cappellen, Wim  cappellen [at] astron [dot] nl
van de Brink, Raymond  rbrink [at] astron [dot] nl
van den Akker, Martin martinva [at] astro [dot] ru [dot] nl
van der Wal, Erik  wal [at] astron [dot] nl
van Diepen, Ger  diepen [at] astron [dot] nl
van Duin, Albert  duin [at] astron [dot] nl
van Haarlem, Michiel  haarlem [at] astron [dot] nl
van Leeuwen, Joeri leeuwen [at] astron [dot] nl
van Nieuwpoort, Rob R [dot] vanNieuwpoort [at] esciencecenter [dot] nl
van Weeren, Reinout rvanweeren [at] cfa [dot] harvard [dot] edu
Veelen, Martijn van martijnvanveelen [at] gmail [dot] com
Veen, Alle Jan van der  a [dot] j [dot] vanderveen [at] tudelft [dot] nl
Vermaas, Nico vermaas [at] astron [dot] nl
Vermeulen, Rene  vermeulen [at] astron [dot] nl
Vocks, Christian cvocks [at] aip [dot] de
Vogt, Corina  vogt [at] astron [dot] nl
Weggemans, Hans weggemans [at] astron [dot] nl
White, Simon  swhite [at] mpa-garching [dot] mpg [dot] de
Wijers, Ralph R [dot] A [dot] M [dot] J [dot] Wijers [at] uva [dot] nl
Wijnholds, Stefan  wijnholds [at] astron [dot] nl
Wilhelmsson, Tomas  Tomas [dot] Wilhelmsson [at] agellis [dot] com
Wise, Michael  wise [at] astron [dot] nl
Wucknitz, Olaf  wucknitz [at] astro [dot] uni-bonn [dot] de
Zarka, Philippe  philippe [dot] zarka [at] obspm [dot] fr
Zaroubi, Saleem  saleem [at] astro [dot] rug [dot] nl
Zensus, Anton  azensus [at] mpifr-bonn [dot] mpg [dot] de
Zwieten, Joris van  zwieten [at] astron [dot] nl



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