International SKA Forum 2010


9 - 16 June 2010

The Netherlands


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  • ISKAF2010: the Movie
  • Click here for the video of the live internet exchange between 3 schools in the Netherlands, South Africa and Australia on 15 May 2010.



ISKAF2010 Magazine 

A special magazine has been made for all participants of the International SKA Forum 2010. The magazine is an overview of the whole week and includes articles about all the activities. Every participant in the conference will receive a paper copy of the magazine. The pdf of the magazine can be found here:


Overview of ALL International SKA FORUM 2010 events


After Perth, Australia (2008) and Cape Town, South Africa (2009), the third international Square Kilometre Array Forum (ISKAF2010) will be held in the Northern part of the Netherlands centered around the city of Assen. ISKAF2010 brings together, for the first time in Europe, scientist, engineers, politicians and industrial partners who are interested in the Square Kilometre Array (SKA), the international radio telescope for the 21st century.

ISKAF2010 consists of a series of events and starts on June 9th with a welcoming reception. The Science meeting starts on June 10th with the theme "A New Golden Age for Radio Astronomy"; around 150 scientists from all over the world are expected to participate. One of the highlights of ISKAF2010 will be the ceremony around the LOFAR inauguration on Saturday June 12th. For this exciting and unique event all ISKAF2010 participants are invited.

On Monday June 14th science funding agencies from around the globe will meet to discuss how they will accommodate the SKA (Agencies SKA Group). On the same day industrial partners will join in a workshop to discuss the opportunities of the SKA, not only for science and industry but also for the society as a whole in the Connect Industry Science and Society Workshop (CISS).

The venue for all of the above meetings will be the luxury resort "Hof van Saksen" located south of the city of Assen.

The absolute climax of the week will be the International SKA Forum on June 15th at the TT-hal in Assen where high level politicians, top scientists, major industries, policy makers and candidate sites for the SKA will meet on ‘SKA beyond Astronomy'.


Download the ISKAF2010 poster

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