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    Press list

    ASTRON regularly sends out press releases about its activities, such as astronomical discoveries with the Westerbork and the LOFAR telescope, developments in the Square Kilometre Array project and events, such as workshops and conferences.

    Would you like to stay up to date about our news and receive our press releases, please send an e-mail to our PR department: pr [at] astron [dot] nl 


    On the Pictures page you can find images of the LOFAR telescope, the Westerbork telescope and the Dwingeloo telescope. Astronomical images are also available. Copyright information is displayed near the images. Besides this, each news release is accompanied by relevant images. 

    Film material

    It is possible to use film material, made by ASTRON. The LOFAR film is available in HD quality and we can make (parts of) the film available to you. You can find the LOFAR film and other movies here.

    Please contact our PR department, if you need more information: pr [at] astron [dot] nl or at (+31)(0)521 595 204

    Fact sheets

    ASTRON: making discoveries in radio astronomy happen!

    The LOFAR telescope

    The Westerbork Synthesis Radio Telescope

    Information about the Square Kilometre Array (SKA)

    See also our brochures for more information.

    Contact information

    To contact our PR department, please send an e-mail to: pr [at] astron [dot] nl or give us a call: (+31)0521 595 204

    For general contact information, click here.

    Social media

    Please find all links to ASTRON accounts on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn on the top right on every web page.


    ASTRON in the news

    • Chinese tv news (mp4 file) about the IAU General Assembly 2012 conference in Beijing, China. The ASTRON booth can be seen as background in this news item.

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