Microwaves & RF

Personnel and management

The group currently has eight members with expertise in low noise RF-designs, participating in the SKADS-program (EMBRACE and DS4), PACMAN/FLOWPAD, LOFAR and APERTIF. Contributions to the DIGESTIF-prototype for APERTIF have been particularly important for the success of DIGESTIF. Close cooperation with the Antenne group continues, also on the level of monthly meetings of the competence leaders of the three original groups.

Research activities

The work on the design and characterization of differential LNAs continued. A design using COTS LNA-modules has been realized for application in FLOWPAD3 and the production series is being evaluated. A design using the Ommic foundry 70 nm GaAs process has been delivered in Oct. 2008 and is currently under investigations.

After the contributions on the sensitivity analysis of arrays to FPA related workshops in Sydney and Dwingeloo (SKADS Marie Curie Technical Workshop) in 2007, the analysis work and its application have been further presented in SKA Memo 98 and at the 30th ESA Antenna Workshop at ESTEC. A paper on the same subject has been submitted to IEEE Antennas and Wireless Propagation Letters. The original internal ASTRON report on "Noise Matching in Dense Phased Arays" is being prepared for submission to another IEEE journal.

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