RF and EMC test facility

Click to view more images The indoor EMC test facility in ASTRON is designed for making Electro Magnetic Compatibility (EMC) measurements in a stable environment. The super compact test range is built in a highly shielded room with an effectiveness shielding of over 70dB. EM reflections inside the room over a wide frequency range are reduced by ferrite tiles and RF absorber material. In this facility, full compliant radiated immunity EMC measurements accordance IEC 61000 -4-3 can be measured. Field strength levels of over 10 V/m can be generated over a frequency range from 30 MHz to 3 GHz. For radiated emission measurements, a pre-compliant test set up is available from 30 MHz to 18 GHz. Additional filters and amplifiers are available from the RF laboratory to create customized test set-ups with specific requirements.

A number of test accessories such as CDN networks and coupling / injection clamps are available for making conductive EMC measurements from 150 KHz to 80 MHz according to the IEC 61000-4-6 standard.
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More information: ebbendorf [at] astron [dot] nl (Nico Ebbendorf )

Due to the high shielding effectiveness, this facility is also very suitable for making measurements that require a very low level of RF interferences such as low noise measurements. ASTRON laboratories have experience and equipment for performing accurate noise measurements including measurements in cryogenic environments.

EMC and Heat scanner

Electro magnetic fields and heat generated from electronic circuits can be measured and investigated with the EMC and Heat scanner. This table size scanner and the associated software provide a controlled measurement set-up for diagnostic and debugging work at board and complete assembly level. For EMC measurements, the probe in the scanner and the system spectrum analyzer measures the intensity of emission from cables, components and PCB's. Depending on the probe type, the levels of the generated H- or E-field and the relative position on the device under test can be displayed on a computer display.

Heat can be measured directly with the infrared sensor with a 6 mm resolution of the exact location on de device under test. With this scanner, hot spots in electronic designs of Heat and EMC emission can be identified in a early development stage allowing engineers to improve on there designs.
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More information: ebbendorf [at] astron [dot] nl (Nico Ebbendorf )

Open area test site

Click to view more images A unique test location is situated at approximately 100 metres from the main buildings on the ASTRON premises. Due to the location of ASTRON in the "radio quiet zone", RF interfering levels at this test site is very low. The fenced area about 5000m2 includes a concrete platform and a brick shack for the installation of test equipment. Temporarily installation of a tent for weather protection on the location is possible. We have an air pressurised bow tent of 4m x 6m available without metal construction, which allows unobstructed RF measurements.
A multi mode fibre cable and several coaxial cables are available for connecting equipment under test on the platform to the back-end and measurement equipment in the shack.
This facility is extremely suitable for measurements on radio and antenna systems that require low-level interferences from other radio sources in an outdoor environment.


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