First Astronomical THEA Fringes

We observed solar fringes on a 10 m baseline using the digital backend of the THEA in a 1024 channel complex cross-correlator. Only two of the five available 1 m2 tiles are used for observation in a 20MHz band centered at 1440MHz. We clearly see the sun moving through the side lobes and main lobe of the tile pointed at the meridian. This is a first step in the process of synthesis imaging with antennas in phased array technology.

At the date of the observation the sun came to an elevation of 33 degrees when passing through the meridian. The beams of the two tiles where pointed in this direction and placed on an East - West baseline. Measurement points have been taken with 30 seconds interval and 10 seconds integration. The total measurement covers 5.5 hours. The plots show the median value of the 1024 frequency channels within the 20MHz band.

More information: vaate [at] astron [dot] nl (Jan Geralt bij de Vaate)





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