ASTRON and the business community

Relationship with the business community

ASTRON's good relationship with the business community is paramount for its long-term Research and Development Programmes. To support this commercial partnership ASTRON has established the Bureau of Technology Transfer (BTT).

The exchange of technology is designed in two ways. First of all, there is the spin-off of ASTRON's know-how and expertise to the business community in the form of consultancy and Research & Development on a project basis. In addition, large production series are contracted out to industrial partners by which expertise in the field of production methods with low costs and high volumes is gained.

The relationship with the business community is furthermore given shape by establishing and extending the networks around themes which can be retraced to the fields of expertise of ASTRON.

ASTRON finds itself actively supporting knowledge clusters like the Cluster Computer Vision Noord Nederland, consisting of small and medium sized enterprises (SME's) in the Northern provinces of the Netherlands and the Photonics Cluster Netherlands. ASTRON originated the RF Technology Seminar in collaboration with the Federation of technology branches of trade. This brings together the Dutch business community of RF related companies. ASTRON is partner of the TechnologieCentrum Noord-Nederland.

One of the projects in which ASTRON collaborates with the business community is EMBRACE.

AstroTec Holding B.V (ATH) facilitates the transfer of innovative ASTRON technology to the market place, in collaboration with regional partners and other major industrial players. ATH participates in four new start ups as joint ventures and among other commercial activities, contributes in establishing the region as center for networked sensor technologies.

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