Technology Transfer

Exchange of know how

The know-how present in the areas of competence can also be used to the advantage of the business community in the form of consultancy. In this respect the business community mostly orders concept studies and/or feasibility studies. In addition to this, the Research & Development division also offers very specialised technical support.

The business community can use the extensive technical infrastructure of the Research & Development divsion for e.g. test and measuring sessions. Being a developer of instruments itself, ASTRON is able to give advice during the whole chain of product development. The multidisciplinary nature of the technical fields of competence is of great benefit for product development.

Educational projects are most suitable for this exchange of know-how. Twice a year a course in the field of High Frequency Techniques is organized. Upon request, we also develop client-driven courses, including Optical Techniques.

For more information, please contact Ronald Halfwerk.

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