LOFAR imaging capabilities and sensitivity

Major Observing modes

Signal Path

Antennas Description

Station Description and Configuration

Array Configuration

Imaging Capability and Sensitivity

Frequency, Subband Selection, and RFI Situation

Beam Definition 

Transient Buffer Boards

Data Products and Management and Long-Term Archive

Data Quality Inspection

CEP and LTA Computing Facilities

Functionality Enhancements

System Notes



These pages describe the general astronomical capabilities (imaging capability and sensitivity) of LOFAR

A review on the imaging capabilities, such as station Full Width Half Maximum, station Field of View, and array resolution, can be found in the LOFAR Imaging Capabilities subsection.

A summary of the system sensitivity calculation methods is provided in the LOFAR Sensitivity subsection, including the theoretical (i.e. for the compete array and assuming ideal performance of the instrument) thermal noise levels in LOFAR images. 

For more practical information on the actual sensitivity of the current configuration readers should consult the corresponding "Interferometric Modes", "Beam Formed Modes" and "Direct Storage Mode"  pages.

Finally, we also refer the user to Cautionary notes.  

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