Allocated Reserved Access Proposals LRA12A



After the deadline of March 05 2012, umbrella time was allocated to seven Reserved Access proposals for Cycle 0:


 Code PI Title
 LRA12A002 G. Mann
Solar Observations with LOFAR
 LRA12A003 H. Roettgering
LOFAR surveys: Opening up a new window on the Universe
 LRA12A004 R. Fender
The LOFAR Transients Key Science Project
 LRA12A005 J. Hoerandel
Cosmic Ray KSP Reserved Access Proposal
 LRA12A006 G. de Bruyn
Studying the Epoch of Reionization and Cosmic Dawn of the Universe
 LRA12A007 M. Bissi
Observations of Interplanetary Scintillation (IPS) with LOFAR
 LRA12A008 R. Beck
The LOFAR Magnetism Key Science Project (MKSP)

[Table 1 provides the text of the publc part of the submitted Reserved access proposals]


The proposals were rated by the LOFAR Programme Committee, who took into account the evaluation of the Technical Review Board.

The National LOFAR Consortia then allocated a number of observing hours and full CEP2 equivalent processing hours to each project.

The Consortia, at this time, did not consider specific allocations to requests for commensal observations (for example using the Transient Buffer Boards). Several Reserved Access proposals requested substantial commensal observing projects. It will be possible to accommodate a number of these for Cycle 0. Based on Regular Proposals and comments from the national consortia, detailed commensal observing rights will be set by the PC.

The summary of National LOFAR Consortia allocations is given in the Table below.   

The allocated time per National Consortiumis given in the Table below


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