The Westerbork Northern Sky Survey (WENSS) is a 325 MHz (92cm) radio survey that covers the sky north of declination +28.5 degrees to a limiting flux density of about 18 mJy (5x the noise). The survey has a resolution of 54"x54"/sin(dec) and a positional accuracy of about 1.5". Observations for the survey were made in the period 1991-1996.

The WENSS project was a collaboration between the Netherlands Foundation for Research in Astronomy and the Leiden Observatory.

The WENSS team consisted of Ger de Bruyn, Yuan Tang, Roeland Rengelink, George Miley, Huub Rottgering, Malcolm Bremer, Martin Bremer, Wim Brouw, Ernst Raimond and David Fullagar. For a description of the survey, the data reduction and the calibration we refer to Rengelink et al 1997, A&A Suppl. 124, 259.

Anyone using data from the WENSS survey in publications is requested to acknowledge the WENSS team and reference this page.
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