ASTRON is responsible for the operations of the Westerbork Synthesis Radio Telescope (WSRT) and the Low Frequency Array (LOFAR).


The astronomical research at ASTRON is closely aligned with the strengths of our facilities LOFAR and WSRT-APERTIF.

Diversity & Sustainability

ASTRON is committed to achieving a fair, welcoming, and sustainable work environment for all.


Met onze radiotelescopen nemen wij de meest zwakke signalen uit het heelal waar. Daardoor zijn zij kwetsbaar voor elektromagnetische storing. Met het tijdig treffen van de juiste maatregelen kan storing worden voorkomen.

Wireless Data Lab

Draadloze techniek lijkt vanzelfsprekend, maar de ontwikkeling ervan gaat niet vanzelf. Daarom hebben we bij ASTRON een proeftuin ingericht; het Wireless Data Lab.

Making discoveries
in radio astronomy

ASTRON is the Netherlands Institute for Radio Astronomy, and is part of the Institutes organisation of NWO.
Michiel Brentjens wins Teacher of the Year 2022 award

Michiel Brentjens has won the award for Teacher of the Year 2022 at Leiden University.

Jessica Dempsey nominated for Drenthe Woman in the Media Award

ASTRON-director Jessica Dempsey has been nominated for the Woman in the Media Award for Drenthe.

People of ASTRON: Klaas Kliffen

Klaas Kliffen is a software engineer without a background in radio astronomy.

ASTRON involved in European consortium to develop next-gen technologies for radio astronomy infrastructures

The RADIOBLOCKS project has been granted 10 M€ by the European Commission to develop “common building blocks” for technological solutions beyond state-of-the-art, that will enable a broad range of new science and enhance European scientific competitiveness.

Construction of Square Kilometre Array commences
Astronomers discuss future of Space VLBI in Dwingeloo
LOFAR detects gigantic radio sources in the universe
People of ASTRON: Fanna Lautenbach
ERIS 2022 School inspires next generation of radio astronomers
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Green surprise

© Paula

There are those mornings that you step into your office and BAM. Something is different and a huge grin pops up; it brightens up your face as you see some green surprise on your desk. Subconsciously you even don’t realize that plants do something to you because they are so awe inspiring. They definitely make me tick.

While you’re looking at the plant’s veins, you start to wonder how these emerge from the midrib, and how thought through the structure of the base is as the intricate shape inside of the petiole supports the fluffy leaves. And as you imagine that petioles and stems of some plants can support more than 60kg of torque, while knowing that plant fibers can be relatively fragile because they might tear so easily, you jaw just starts dropping. And I don’t know how about you, but in such situations a swoosh of a film plays out in my minds-eye of a bricky-shaped ballerina elephant dancing the Swan Lake with grace and delicacy of a silk scarf…

Wonders, finished wonders of nature; each being merely a prototype, but a fully functional one with close to no defects, and yet always optimized; with each generation slightly better…

It's time to expand my jungle into the office area ;-). Anybody joining the challenge? Let's make it a greener place and find out whether we could validate the results to Peterkova et al. (2019), who clearly claim :

“that green elements have a strong influence over the indoor microclimate, which in turn affects the mental well-being and health of the users. By extension, they contribute to the efficiency, productivity, and creativity of the people working inside and improve the study performance of students. The results of the survey showed that 66.7% of the surveyed employees and 68.3% of the students feel the positive impact of green elements on their psychological well-being and in both groups more than 50% of the respondents felt an increase in their productivity and creativity”.

Big THANK YOU to the One that left this Beauty on my desk (yeah, think that it's a pretty good name for a plant don't you think?... in that case the Beast is still missing ;-)).

It's Friday, the day is just beginning but it's already great:) Creativity switch is already on 😊

Peterková, Jitka & Michalcikova, Magdalena & Vitezslav, Novak & Slávik, Richard & Zach, Jiří & Korjenic, Azra & Hodná, Jana & Raich, Benjamin. (2019). The influence of green walls on interior climate conditions and human health. MATEC Web of Conferences. 282. 02041. 10.1051/matecconf/201928202041.


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We are very proud of @mabrentjens who has won @UniLeiden's Teacher of the Year 2022 award!

Daily image of the week: LDV gets busy
The LTA hosts about 60 PB of data, making it the largest astronomical data collection to date and an invaluable resource for science. The LDV aims to make these data available to the community.

Daily image of the week: ASTRON-director @astroTui get her hands dirty, assisting as a maintenance engineer.

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