Our team of researchers and staff contributes to the vibrant and dynamic research environment at ASTRON. You can find the contact details of our team below.




+31 (0)521 595 ... ... @astron.nl


Jason Hessels 769 hessels


Betsey Adams 750 adams
Cees Bassa 759 bassa
Erwin de Blok 771 blok
Richard Fallows 757 fallows
Gemma Janssen 752 janssen
Vlad Kondratiev 767 kondratiev
Joeri van Leeuwen 770 leeuwen
John McKean 780 mckean
Raffaella Morganti 793 morganti
Andre Offringa 773 offringa
Tom Oosterloo 779 oosterloo
Antonia Rowlinson 799 rowlinson
Tim Shimwell 192 shimwell
Harish Vedantham vedantham

Office management/secretarial support

Liesbet Elpenhof 790 secretaryastronomy
Marjan Tibbe 776 secretaryastronomy


Willem Baan baan
Richard Strom strom


Anna Bilous 668 bilous
Joe Callingham 785 callingham
Helga Denes 751 denes
Kelley Hess 767 hess
Alexander Kutkin 773 kutkin
Yogesh Maan 753 maan
Robert Schulz 755 schulz
Golam Shaifullah 785 shaifullah
Andrzej Szary 711 szary
Catarina Tiburzi 773 tiburzi
Dany Vohl 794 vohl

Astronomical software support

Yan Grange 796 grange
Zheng Meyer meyer
Michael Sipior 768 sipior

Ph.D. students

see students page

Latest tweets

We've made a new video of our walking route the #Melkwegpad.
https://youtu.be/UBBH7rUJOk8 via @YouTube

Daily image of the week: DR1. The Apertif imaging team has released science data from the first year of science operations of WSRT-Apertif, which can now be accessed by the scientific community.
#radioastronomy #DR1

In about half an hour, at 12.15, ASTRON researcher @AJBoonstra will be live in the Dutch radio programme 'Zoek het uit!' on @RTVDrenthe to answer some questions about the Westerbork synthesis radio telescope. You can tune in here: https://www.rtvdrenthe.nl/radio
#WSRT #radioastronomy

The latest Humans of ASTRON features Harish Vedantham, who was recently involved in the radio detection of a brown dwarf.
#humansofastron #radioastronomy #Elegast