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Realising the next Telescope Manager Specification System for LOFAR

Submitter: Roberto Pizzo
Description: TMSS (Telescope Manager Specification System) will be a brand-new software application for the specification, administration, and scheduling of LOFAR observations. Its realisation is crucial, as it will enable the required support for LOFAR2.0 use cases while also streamlining LOFAR operations and improving the adaptability and maintainability of software for future extensions.

This is being realized by a team of software engineers and telescope scientists (see picture) who are very committed to make the project a success.

By the end of 2020, TMSS will deliver with high priority the software components for executing the LOFAR2.0 Survey Use Cases. By doing that, the project will implement also other LOFAR Science Use Cases, which will ensure a healthy continuation of the Cycle observing programs also before the start of the LOFAR2.0 surveys.

The TMSS project started in January 2020. During its first quarter, TMSS will implement the system foundations in terms of telescope model and database. Additionally, it will deliver a system capable to perform the survey observations with the required handling of and feedback on system resources. The following cycles will implement dynamic scheduling functionality, support for the other planned use cases and responsive telescope functionality.

TMSS is an important component of the Telescope Manager of LOFAR2.0, the system that will control all aspects of the telescope, including proposal handling, observation execution, and system monitoring.

Copyright: TMSS team