WSRT observation helpers

Please note that the sensitivity has been adjusted to correspond to 11 dishes.

IVC helper

For advice on the integration time of an IVC observation, choose an observing band, a correlator setup and total bandwidth and give the desired integration time or the desired noise level.
This is for one IVC sub-band

To obtain the noise in Kelvin and/or the spatial resolution, also specify the declination of the source.

Frequency band
Correlator setup
Dec (J2000) degrees
Desired integration time

Observation timing

For advice on the timing of the observation and to know the spatial resolution, give the position of the source
RA(J2000): :
in format
Dec(J2000): :
in [-] format

Information on WSRT Backends from Guide to WSRT Observations

Version 3.1
Tom Oosterloo
Raffaella Morganti
Tony Foley
Gyula Józsa
Roy Smits
Last modified: 22 Oct 2013