RFI2010 - RFI Mitigation Workshop

29 - 31 March, 2010, Groningen (NL)

A scientific workshop organised by


Important Issues

THANKS to all participants for their presence, their active participation, and their presentations.

RFI2010 was a very successful meeting with a total of 72 participants (list) and 40 presentations (see Presentations tab). A group photograph can be found here

The papers presented at the Workshop have been published on-line by Proceedings of Science.
The published papers may also be found by author name in the SAO/NASA ADS Astronomy Abstract Service in pdf form.


The agenda for the meeting includes:

1. RFI mitigation algorithms and techniques
2. implementation of RFI mitigation methods
3. efficient signal processing solutions for RFI mitigation
4. RFI mitigation signal processing requirements
5. results of practical RFI mitigation efforts
6. methodologies to establish effective RFI mitigation
7. trends in spectrum usage and their effects on passive spectrum use
8. local and regional spectrum environments
9. assessment of the impact of RFI on astronomical observations
10. protection of passive services & regulatory issues


RFI2010 - RFI Mitigation Meeting

The increased sensitivity of passive instruments in radio astronomy and remote sensing and the intensifying active use of the spectrum have led to an increasing influence of the active services on the passive use of the spectrum. Advances in technology and computing have opened up new possibilities for mitigating the effects of certain classes of interference. Interference in allocated bands always leads to data loss for the passive users of the spectrum even if interference mitigation is applied. However, interference mitigation in non-allocated spectral bands may facilitate partial use of this spectrum for passive observations. There is no generic method to mitigate every class of interference, so a multi-layered approach may be advisable to reduce detrimental effects of several types of radio interference.

This third Workshop considered RFI mitigation in radio astronomy in all its facets with the aim of facilitating the implementation of instrumental and data processing techniques. This workshop aimed to take a forward look at applications for the next generation of radio instruments, such as the SKA and its pathfinders and LOFAR, as well as considering their application to existing instruments.

This workshop is organized by ASTRON and NAIC with support from the Engineering Forum (RadioNet FP7), the SKA Project Development Office (SPDO, Manchester), and URSI International.

Earlier Worskhops have been held in Bonn, DE (2001) and Penticton, CA (2004).