Michiel Brentjens


Visiting address

Oude Hoogeveensedijk 4
7991 PD Dwingeloo
The Netherlands

Postal address

Dr. M.A. Brentjens
P.O. Box 2
7990 AA Dwingeloo
The Netherlands


+31 521 595 781 (office)
+31 521 595 798 (control room)


Email: <last name>@astron.nl

About me

I am a radio astronomer at ASTRON's radio observatory, mainly fooling around with LOFAR. I specialize in radio interferometry and polarimetry, software development, and public outreach. Within LOFAR, I am responsible for handling of coordinate systems and understanding the instrument in general. I am a member of the LOFAR magnetism key science project, and a member of the management team of the epoch of reionization key science project.

I have been at ASTRON since the summer of 2001. In 2011 I spent 5 months at NRAO Socorro, NM, working on holographic mapping of the EVLA dish surfaces.

My refereed publications can be found at ADS

Research interests

  • Epoch of reionization
  • Cosmic magnetism
  • Faraday rotation measure synthesis
  • Interferometric imaging
  • Low frequency radio flux scale


I like automating things and solving problems in software. I mostly use Python and Common Lisp, but have written large programs in C++ before. Some of the stuff I write turns out to be useful for others. Those bits will be published here shortly.


A python implementation of RM-synthesis that reads and writes FITS files.