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This page contains some software that I have written.

In order to quickly plot LOFAR visibilities, I developed a python script that uses pyrap and ppgplot to emulate (in a limited way) the behavior of miriad's uvplt program. Since the initial version it has been modified by both myself and Oscar Martinez Rubi from the University of Groningen. Here you can find Release 1 of the script: click here. You can run it with the '-h' flag in order to get help on the extensive list of options. Please feel free to contact me if you have trouble using the script. It has really only been tested using LOFAR data, but in principle should work with any Measurement Set.

Here is a shadowing calculator for the Westerbork Synthesis Radio Telescope, which I wrote in php. It allows you to check whether observations of a particular source will suffer from antenna shadowing (this is perhaps most important for calibrators).

I've been working with polarization data from the WSRT-SINGS survey, and in particular using the RM-synthesis technique. Because of the frequency coverage, it became necessary to write a task called RM-CLEAN, which you can download here. The latest version is 1.8 (29 May 2013). (Thanks to Xiaohui Sun and Tim Robishaw for comments and suggestions, and to Björn Adebahr for verifying the latest version!) The tarball includes the task itself, which runs within the miriad package, as well as a python wrapper. The README file gives some brief instructions about how to get the software running on your machine.

Here is a map, updated from time to time, of the status of the buildup of LOFAR. Using the publically available station status from the LOFAR Status Meetings, I tweak a text file, and run a python script which reads that file and generates the necessary html code.

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