Welcome to my webpage

I am a doctoral candidate at ASTRON, Netherlands institute for radio astronomy and, University of Amsterdam. I work with Dr. Jason Hessels to understand how neutron stars in binaries are recyled to rapidly-rotating millisecond pulsars.


I primarily study transitional millisecond pulsars and various manifestations of neutron stars using multiwavelength observations spanning Gamma-ray, X-ray and radio wavelengths.

I conduct these observations with various ground and space-based telescopes such as XMM, NuStar, Swift, Green Bank Telescope, Arecibo and VLA etc. I have co-authored 32 observation proposals during my Ph.D. (so far) and successfully led eighteen of them in the capacity of a principal investigator and/or co-investigator with significant contribution. If you are curious about these proposals, please find a list here.

You can find my published work here.


You can download my currculum vitae here.

Other interest

Gravitational wave astrophysics
Previously worked on paramter estimation for gravitational waveforms. Interested in EM follow-up and exciting gravitational wave sources.