General information

E R I S 2 0 1 3

European Radio Interferometry School

9 – 13 September 2013, Dwingeloo, The Netherlands

Hosted by ASTRON – Netherlands Institute for Radio Astronomy
JIVE – Joint Institute for VLBI in Europe


This school is the fifth of a series of summer schools supported by RadioNet. ERIS will provide a week of lectures and tutorials on how to achieve scientific results from radio interferometry.


Railway tracks near Schiphol airport under construction on 8 September!!. See PDF for more information.


The topics covered by the lectures/tutorials will include:

  • Calibration and imaging of continuum, spectral line, and polarization data
  • Low frequency (LOFAR domain), cm-wave (e-MERLIN domain), decimetre-wave (HI/OH domain), high frequency (ALMA/IRAM domain), and VLBI interferometry
  • Extracting the information from astronomical data and interpreting the results
  • Choosing the most suitable array and observing plan for your project

Previous ERIS schools:

Due to logistical limitations we will be able to accommodate up to 80 participants. Since we have already received considerable feedback after the first announcement, we encourage potential participants to proceed with the online registration as soon as possible. Later registrants will be put on a waiting list


LOC: R. Pizzo, Z. Paragi, L. Elpenhof, S. Mellema, F. Möller, G. Surcis, C. Toribio


SOC: R. Pizzo (ASTRON) & Z. Paragi (JIVE), A. Bosma (LAM), M. Bremer (IRAM), M. Brentjens (ASTRON), R.M. Campbell (JIVE), R. Laing (ESO-ALMA), J. McKean (ASTRON), A. Richards (JBCA), T. Venturi (INAF, IRA), M. Verheijen (RUG), O. Wucknitz (MPIfR)