The workshop will take place at ASTRON in Dwingeloo, the Netherlands. www.astron.nl
Dwingeloo is in the north-east of the Netherlands, and can be reached in about 20 minutes by either private car or taxi from Hoogeveen railway station.

For a train schedule, please look at the website http://www.ns.nl/en/travellers/home.


The participants will be accommodated at Fletcher hotel de Borken (http://www.hoteldeborken.nl) in the nearby town of Dwingeloo. You can send them an email at info@hoteldeborken.nl 


On Sunday 16 November we will arrange shuttle buses from Hoogeveen to Fletcher Hotel de Borken and on Friday 21 November we will arrange buses from ASTRON/Hotel de Borken to the railway station in Hoogeveen.
The shuttle bus on Sunday will depart from Hoogeveen railway station at 14:54 / 16:54 / 18:54.
Please inform us about the arrival time in Hoogeveen.


Participants are expected to arrive on Sunday 16 November and leave on Friday 21 November. We will provide bikes to allow you to reach ASTRON from the hotel. Directions to the host institutes are reported in the map below. Alternative transportation (at your own costs) will be made available for those people unable to cycle and/or walk. In this case, please let us know by contacting us at lofarschool@astron.nl.


Below route from (A) Fletcher Landhotel De Borken, Lhee 76, Dwingeloo
to (B) ASTRON/JIVE, Oude Hoogeveensedijk 4, Dwingeloo

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E-mail: lofarschool@astron.nl