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 "​gsm"​ and pass "​msss"​\\ "​gsm"​ and pass "​msss"​\\
 \\ \\
 +To run your jobs on the compute nodes you first have to setup and submit
 +a job via the batch system. A detailed description can be found on the
 +Jureca homepage \\
 +When configuring the resources on the system please use only the '​--nnodes'​ option. Ignore '​--ntasks',​ '​--ntasks-per-node'​ and '​--cpus-per-task'​. A (for the moment) working configuration is implemented in the framework itself.\\
 +To run a generic pipeline on multiple nodes configure the pipeline as follows:
 +In your '​pipeline.cfg'​ configure
 +method = slurm_srun
 +max_per_node = 1
 +Set '​max_per_node'​ individually for every step in your parset to the number tasks you want to (can) run per node.
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