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\\  ^ Observatory points of contact for LOFAR operations                                ^^
Operator on duty (access to systems, status updates, etc.)

(control room phone +31 521 595 701) |

Science Operations and Support Roberto Pizzo
Operations, General Marco Drost
Operations, Software & ICT Jasper Annyas
Observatory contact persons for LOFAR (sub) systems
Infrastructure Jan Pieter de Reijer
Station Systems/Analogue (Antenna & Receiver) Menno Norden
Station Systems/Digital (Digital Processing) Menno Norden
CEP (Processing Resources) & WAN Jasmin Klipc, Walter Greenwood
LTA (Data Storage & Access) Hanno Holties, Jasmin Klipic, Walter Greenwood
OLAP, SAS/MAC, User Software Arno Schoenmakers, Auke Klazema
Offline Processing (FSI) Adriaan Renting, Jorrit Schaap

Interfaces to the non astronomical LOFAR applications still need to be defined.

  • This is the list of people responsible for dealing with LOFAR network security.

Any Lofar user who has an indication for abuse attempts on Lofar systems has the duty to warn one of the team members immediately.

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