7th International PHISCC Workshop

    The Challenges of the Upcoming HI Surveys

17-19 March 2014

Dwingeloo, the Netherlands


Scientific Rationale

With the advent of upgraded and new radio telescopes, studies of the neutral Hydrogen gas in galaxies are on the verge of delivering important new insights in the structure, dynamics and evolution of galaxies. New observational capabilities will allow for much more detailed studies of the HI gas in and around large numbers of nearby galaxies. At the same time, due to large improvements in survey speeds, deep surveys of the HI content of galaxies out to large look-back times will directly detect the role and fate of HI in the evolution of galaxies.


The SKA Pathfinders HI Survey Coordination Committee (PHISCC) holds regular international meetings to discuss all scientific and technical issues relating to upcoming HI surveys and to give a platform to present current results that are relevant for this future work.


The 7th PHISCC workshop will be held at ASTRON, Dwingeloo, The Netherlands, from March 17-19. The meeting is intended to discuss results from current HI results and how these may guide future survey efforts, as well as the progress in the preparation for the upcoming HI surveys on the various SKA Pathfinder and Precursor telescopes. We invite contributions on any topic relevant for future HI work, but particular attention will be paid to theoretical predictions of what the HI surveys may uncover, to new visualisation techniques to handle the data from the surveys, and on the issue of the possibilities for common databases/interfaces of the results of all surveys.

For survey teams that would like to hold 1-2 day team meetings after the PHISSC Workshop, facilities will be available at ASTRON. Please contact phiscc2014@astron.nl.


Confirmed Invited speakers

Confirmed invited speakers are:

  • Sarah Blythe (Cape Town)
  • Robert Braun (SKA)
  • Rob Crain (Leiden)
  • Chris Fluke (Swinburn)
  • Filippo Fraternali (Bologna/Groningen)
  • Jacqueline van Gorkom (Columbia)
  • Martha Haynes (Cornell)
  • George Heald (Astron)
  • Baerbel Koribalski (CASS)
  • Claudia Lagos (ESO)
  • Antonino Marasco  (Groningen)
  • Ali Rahmati (Leiden)
  • Elaine Sadler (Sydney)
  • Lister Staveley-Smith (Western Australia)
  • Jos Roerdink (Groningen)



ASTRON, Dwingeloo, the Netherlands (website)