The Square Kilometre Array

NL Science Meeting 2017

General information

This one-day Square Kilometre Array Science meeting is aimed at astronomers and interested scientists working in the Netherlands. The objective is to inform the community on recent progress in the SKA project, highlights of the science case, NL science involvement so far, and provide the latest news on plans for access to the telescope and its data. We will also present plans and ideas being developed for a Science Data Centre for SKA, LOFAR and WSRT/Apertif.


Along with SKA-specific talks, we plan to reserve a good fraction of the programme for talks that address synergies between the SKA and other significant telescope and instrument initiatives in which the Netherlands is involved.


The meeting will be held on Thursday 13 April at Conference Centre “De Eenhoorn” opposite the railway station in Amersfoort.


Please register no later than Monday 10 April using this Registration Form


For further information on the SKA visit
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Meeting Venue

De Eenhoorn ( meeting centre)
Barchman Wuytierslaan 2
3818 LH Amersfoort

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SKA-NL Science Meeting
Date: Thursday 13 April 2017
Location: Conference Centre “De Eenhoorn”, Amersfoort


09:30   Welcome, Coffee


Session 1: SKA project and NL plans
10:00   Welcome - Carole Jackson (ASTRON)
10:05   SKA Project Status Report – Michiel van Haarlem (ASTRON)
10:35   A Science Data Centre for SKA, LOFAR and WSRT/Apertif – Michael Wise (ASTRON/Amsterdam)


Session 2: SKA Science
11:00   Epoch of Reionisation & Cosmic Dawn – Leon Koopmans (Groningen)
11:20   Extragalactic Continuum (Galaxies/AGN, Clusters) – Huub Rottgering (Leiden)


11:40   Coffee Break

12:00   HI Galaxy Science – Erwin de Blok (ASTRON)
12:20   Extragalactic Spectral Line – John McKean (Groningen/ASTRON)


Early talk from Session 3

12:40   LIGO/VIRGO/ET – Samaya Nissanke (Nijmegen)


13:00   Lunch


Session 2: SKA Science (continued)

13:40   Transients – Antonia Rowlinson (ASTRON/Amsterdam)

14:00   Pulsars – Jason Hessels (ASTRON/Amsterdam)
14:20   Magnetism – Marijke Haverkorn (Nijmegen)
14:40   Cradle of Life, Our Galaxy (+ synergy with ALMA) - Huib Jan van Langevelde (JIVE/Leiden)


Session 3: Other initiatives and Synergy with SKA
15:00   E-ELT – Bernhard Brandl (Leiden/Delft)


15:20   Tea Break


15:40   CTA – Sera Markoff (Amsterdam)
16:00   WEAVE – Scott Trager (Groningen)
16:20   Athena – Jelle Kaastra (SRON/Leiden/Utrecht)


16:40   Summary, discussion, wrap up


17:00   End of the Meeting