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The shape of things to come

Submitter: Rob Millenaar
Description: This is just a small part of the innovative antenna design, dreamed up at the fertile breeding grounds of ASTRON, and now being assembled under an equally innovative dome design at Westerbork; at the location of the WSRT. The antenna aims to demonstrate the concept and the usability for radio astronomy. The EMBRACE system is the largest demonstrator currently existing. The image shows about one fifth of the available elements.

It is ASTRON's vision that innovative technology like this will empower the future Square Kilometre Array telescope to observe a very important frequency range with unprecedented large instantaneous field of view.

The shape of things to come opens up great photo opportunities. This is a long exposure (30 sec), small aperture photo (to achieve sharpness front to back) using light painting to bring out details that otherwise would hide in the shadows.
Copyright: Rob Millenaar
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