The ASTRON JIVE Daily Image (AJDI) aims to be the family chronicle of the sister institutes ASTRON and JIVE. As such it proudly presents our scientific and technical successes, but also the people behind it all. Rather than to our relations, the AJDI speaks to our friends throughout the world.

The AJDI was started in 2006, and shows a new image every weekday on the ASTRON webpage. Very importantly, all images are stored in the AJDI archive, which may be searched (see below). Since it is easy to download an image, the archive is a convenient source for presentations, both for ourselves and for our friends. We are in the process of gradually filling up the AJDI archive for the missing years from 1949 (the start of SRZM) or even 1933 (the start of radio astronomy).

There is a slideshow page available that will show a random image from archive every 60 seconds.

You are encouraged to submit your own AJDI by means of the webform on the Submit page. If accepted, it will be scheduled on a particular date by the editorial committee.
An image should be in one of the popular formats (.png, .gif, .jpg, .jpeg, but NOT .pdf!), and should be smaller than 50 Mb (contact the editors to negotiate about larger images). You can also add an embedded code which links to (for example) a YouTube movie).
The only requirement, apart from good taste, is some link with ASTRON or JIVE (which may be quite tenuous). The preferred language of the blurb is English, which will be quietly corrected for typos and grammar. Be advised that you can only submit one AJDI per day with the same email address.

On the Archive page you may search the AJDI archive by entering year, or by one or more keywords, separated by commas. Note that a keyword may consist of more than one word. It searches the subject, the blurb and the copyright notice.
- apertif               (gives a mosaic of all AJDIs related to APERTIF)
- apertif,oosterloo   (gives only the ones that also mention Oosterloo)
- ska,bij de vaate   (an example of a keyword (the 2nd one) consisting of 3 words)

The current editorial committee consists of:
Frank Nuijens ASTRON BSS
Alice Spruit ASTRON BSS
Cees Bassa ASTRON A&O
Tom Oosterloo ASTRON A&O
Andre Offringa ASTRON A&O
Rik ter Horst ASTRON NOVA
Pieter Benthem ASTRON I&&S
Zsolt Paragi JIVE
Jan Noordam Madroon Community Consultants (MCC), formerly ASTRON
Richard Strom spacetime correspondent, formerly ASTRON

The original implementation of the AJDI website was by Adriaan Renting in 2006.
The current technical support is by Henk Vosmeijer, who can advise on things like image formats and movies.

Copyright © ASTRON. The copyrights of the images and texts are indicated for each AJDI.