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The localization of FRB 20201124A gets precise with PRECISE

Submitter: Benito Marcote on behalf of the PRECISE Collaboration
Description: FRB 20201124A is a repeating Fast Radio Burst discovered by the CHIME/FRB Collaboration in November 2020 and with a surprisingly high activity, producing several bursts over time.

This triggered observations from multiple observatories to try to localize the source and associate it to its host galaxy, totalling almost 20 Astronomer's Telegrams within 15 days. ASKAP, VLA, and the GMRT detected bursts during their observations and localized the bursts to the arcsecond level. Additionally, the VLA and the GMRT also detected a persistent radio source consistent with this position, and with the position of the center of the host galaxy (located at redshift of ~0.098).

However, this precision was not enough to clarify where within the host galaxy FRB 20201124A is located, and if it is physically related to the observed persistent source.

We also observed the source with an ad-hoc array composed of dishes that are part of the European VLBI Network (EVN), as part of the PRECISE (Pinpointing REpeating ChIme Sources with EVN dishes) project. After detecting 13 bursts in one epoch conducted on 10 April 2021 (where six antennas participated: Onsala, Torun, Irbene, Westerbork, Noto, and Effelsberg), we were able to localized the bursts from FRB 20201124A with a precision of about 4 milliarcseconds (roughly three orders of magnitude better than the previously reported localizations).

At the same time, no persistent radio emission was reported on the milliarcsecond level, implying that such persistent source could be linked to extended regions of star formation in the host galaxy or former AGN activity. These results were reported in Marcote et al. ATel #14603

The figure shows the EVN dirty image on the left, compared to the previously reported localizations done by ASKAP, VLA, and GMRT. The right panel shows the absence of continuum radio emission compared to the positions of the source detected by the VLA and GMRT, and the optical galaxy.
Copyright: B. Marcote
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