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Apertif at AstroFest

Submitter: Betsey Adams
Description: AstroFest is an annual tradition to bring together astronomers at ASTRON and JIVE to share their research. This year it was great to see multiple presentations on the many things people are doing with Apertif. We learned about how LOFAR is being connected to Apertif to follow-up Fast Radio Bursts (FRBs) from Sander ter Veen. Since the signal from FRBs arrives later at lower frequencies, there's time for LOFAR to also record data for the signal detected by Apertif. Leon Oostrum told us about the Apertif time-domain survey and how it is detecting FRBs. We also saw some first results from the Apertif imaging surveys. Helga Dénes showed us how Apertif can find interactions in galaxy groups by looking at disruptions in the neutral hydrogen emission. Finally, Robert Schulz gave an overview of how high quality imaging data is produced automatically with Apercal, the Apertif imaging calibration pipeline. The version of the Apercal pipeline used to process the imaging data from the Science Verification Campaign has been released here.
We look forward to more great results from Apertif at the next AstroFest!
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