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All hands on deck, Ciara!

Submitter: Henk Mulder
Description: As Ciara left her mark on the LOFAR stations, sending LBA groundplanes flying around like frisbees through the antennas, ripping HBA rubbers loose, and blowing plastic all over the Superterp, it was time for Operations & Maintenance to do their 'storm rondje' through the core (and most remote). We started the emergency procedure because we noticed a lot of elements were alarming in our monitoring systems, and decided to come in full force to Westerbork early the next morning. We left fully packed for the heavy gusts of wind, hail and rain, and spread out through the core to get the job done. As the best managers lead by example, even Marco Drost took the time out of his busy schedule (to show us which puddles are too deep to jump into with boots on). We also noticed during our rounds the extra work done this year on tightening the HBA tiles really paid of, as we have seen a lot worse storm damage in the past.
Copyright: Henk Mulder, Jurjen Sluman, Richard Blaauw, Paul van Dijk, Menno Norden, Lute van de Bult, Peter Gruppen, Marco Drost
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