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ESCAPE ESAP Training Workshop

Submitter: John D. Swinbank
Description: ESCAPE is a multi-national Horizon 2020 project to develop common “e-infrastructure” solutions — data storage, software repositories, analysis systems, and so on — which are applicable across a range of major European research facilities.

While ASTRON has made contributions across a wide range of activities within ESCAPE, one of our major roles has been leading the development of ESAP, the project's science analysis platform toolkit. ESAP provides tools to help scientists access and analyze data from a variety of sources quickly and easily. Rather than being a one-size-fits-all solution, the idea is that different projects and facilities can build on the ESAP system to quickly put together a platform that suits the needs of their particular user community.

On 21 & 22 November, we organized an ESAP Training Workshop, at which the development team introduced their work to a range of different research infrastructures and other service providers that we hope might benefit from deploying services based on the ESAP toolkit. Across a range of talks and discussion sessions, ESCAPE partners from around Europe presented a comprehensive overview of what ESAP can do — and the feedback from the workshop participants was overwhelmingly positive.

The image shows a range of figures and diagrams taken from the talks at the workshop. We hope these are enough to whet your appetite — for the full story, all the slide decks and videos of the complete event are available from the website at https://indico.in2p3.fr/e/EsapTraining

ESCAPE will conclude in January 2023, but the ASTRON team plans to continue building on the technologies it developed in our work for LOFAR and SKA, and with our partners in other institutions across the continent.
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