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Control-room Posters

Submitter: Henk Mulder
Description: People come from all over the globe to get a tour of the Astron control-room, it is truly a magical place. And to make sure there is an Operator (for an explanation of the system and hardware) and Science Supporter (for the tougher Astronomical questions) available to give a small talk, we always put the tours in our week schedule in advanced. That way we know there are no meetings / extensive tests or standups that clash with the tours. You might understand showing up with 30 people in the control-room unannounced might startle the biological part of the operating system.

For those moments when tours don’t fit, have not been communicated in advance or you suddenly find yourself wondering.. wait.. how does my requested observational data magically appear on the Long Term Archive? We now have posters for LOFAR and WSRT on both sides of the control-room entrance, explaining all the different activities and daily responsibilities of the operator!! Of course they include some nice pictures of the field work, the different flavors of Westerbork e(VLBI)/Galileo/Apertif/Arts, the whole LOFAR path from data collection to LTA, and lots of interesting facts that will impress our guests.
Copyright: Henk Mulder
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