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Software lifecycle in particle physics and astronomy

Submitter: Yan Grange
Description: During the summer, the Workshop on Open-Source Software Lifecycles (WOSSL) was held, as part of the ESCAPE project. In this workshop, several experiments in the fields of astronomy and particle physics discussed how they handle the software lifecycle, with topics like how to handle version control, make software citeable or what licenses to use, and with a few pitches from actual software.

All in all, the meeting gave a great overview of the state of our communities. Both our institutes actively participated to the discussions and presented in the workshop.

Due to the well-known current circumstances we are in, the workshop was held fully digitally. The advantage of this is that all talks have been recorded and those recordings could be very interesting for our community, ranging from casually programming astronomers to full-time software developers.

The image shows the workshop logo and rationale, and the titles of presentations that were given by the radio astronomy community.

The programme and slides can be found here.
The full presentations are here.
Copyright: CC BY 4.0
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