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A quiet place to design the SKA

Submitter: Jan Noordam
Description: It all began with a lunch discussion in the old canteen(*) in Dwingeloo, in early 1990. Some of us were discussing the merits of a N-S extension to the E-W WSRT, until Robert Braun bluntly stated that we were thinking too small: What we really needed was more collecting area, perhaps even a square km!

Of course we did not believe for a moment that we would be able to raise the 200 M$ for such a monster, but we started thinking about what it would look like. We happily designed for a couple of weeks, greatly helped by the acoustics of the old canteen, where one could still conduct a quiet conversation.

The rest is history.

(*) The picture shows the building as it was being built in 1955, when the 25m Dwingeloo telescope was erected.
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