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North America nebula

Submitter: Albert van Duin
Description: The North America Nebula (NGC 7000) is an emission nebula in the constellation Cygnus, close to Deneb (the tail of the swan and its brightest star). The remarkable shape of the emission nebula resembles that of the North American continent, especially along the southeast coast. The North America Nebula is large, covering an area of more than ten times the size of the full moon, but its surface brightness is low so normally it cannot be seen with the unaided eye. (Source: Wikipedia)

This image is a mosaic made out of 9 seperate 2 minute exposures with an ASA 20cm F2.75 Astrograph and a modified Canon 350D DSLR at 1600 ISO. It is surprising how much of the nebula is visble in such a short exposure. To it's right is the Pelican nebula, IC5070. More images: http://www.astropix.nl
Copyright: Albert van Duin
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