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To infinity and beyond (2007 version)

Submitter: Tom Oosterloo (for the AstroGroup)
Description: From the other side of the Universe, where we see huge galaxies making a gazillion new stars, to our own cosmic backyard with galaxies too small to make any. From the outskirts of galaxies, with their wispy filaments of gas, to the centres and their dense molecular clouds. There are not many places where ASTRON astronomers did not look in 2007. The intricate magnetic fields in galaxies and clusters. The spectacular effects created by the enormous energy flows ejected by super-massive black holes. It all has been studied. And one should, of course, not forget the complex signals emitted by dead and dying stars. One astronomer even searched for intelligent life in the Universe (but did not find it, except some signs in Dwingeloo I believe...).

All this work resulted in a rich harvest of new science, published in more than 50 papers in international peer-reviewed journals, plus as many talks at conferences and institutes.

Another milestone was that the Astrogroup mastered Wiki technology, making it easy for them to put together a summary of all this work. This is now available on the web for everybody: http://www.astron.nl/p/astroReport2007.html
Copyright: AstroGroup
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