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RadioNet-FP7: Advanced Radio Astronomy in Europe

Submitter: Michael Garrett
Description: At the end of February, ASTRON coordinated the submission of a new RadioNet FP7 proposal for the period (2009-2012).RadioNet is an EC integrating activity that brings together all the major radio observatories in Europe, covering the frequency range of 10 MHz to 1 THz.

The 200+ page proposal includes a wide range of Networking Activities with the following themes: Science Working Group, Engineering Forum, Astronomer Training, Visitors Centre/Public Outreach and Spectrum Management. At the core of the programme lies Transnational Access, providing all European astronomers with access to the JCMT, IRAM, APEX, Effelsberg, EVN, e-MERLIN, SRT, LOFAR and the WSRT. The Joint Research Activities include: ALBiUS, APRICOT, AMSTAR+ and UniBoard -covering R&D that addresses hardware and software at centimetre, millimtre and sub-millimetre wavelengths.

The proposal will be evaluated by the EC during the spring, and we should know the outcome in June. If successful, the project management will be located here in Dwingeloo and it will support many of our core activities. The proposal text represents significant contributions from many individuals; Andre van Es (ASTRON) and Aukelien van den Poll (JIVE) played a crucial role in formatting the text, generating the financial and administrative tables, and checking for consistency throughout the document.

A final version of the proposal (Annex B and A3.2) is available at:


Fingers crossed for good news in June!
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