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EXPReS sluit je aan

Submitter: Zsolt Paragi
Description: Soon after the successful Effelsberg fringes, EXPReS breaks another record. We have had the longest uninterrupted correlation during the e-VLBI science observations on 8-9 April. In the first part of the experiment the e-EVN observed IC694 for about 12 hours, member of the merging galaxy system Arp299 which shows peculiarly high starforming activity (a MERLIN image made earlier is shown on the top). It was followed by a ~10 hours Cyg X-3 observations, a galactic black-hole binary system that is currently going through an accretion disk state change. We are eager to see the high-resolution e-EVN results on these two objects in the near future.
Copyright: EXPReS; Arp299 image courtesy of Antonis Polatidis
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