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The Dwingeloo Radio Telescope moves again

Submitter: Paul Boven
Description: For well over a year, a large number of volunteers from all over the Netherlands have been working on lovingly restoring the Dwingeloo Radio Telescope back to working order. The wiring, electronics, engines, focal box and control systems have all been overhauled or replaced. Much engineering work went into making the dish usable and safe again. And this weekend all these efforts came together when the new focal box, engine control systems and receivers arrived in Dwingeloo and were installed. The time-lapse movie above shows the telescope tracking the moon across the sky as we listen to radio amateurs all over the world bouncing their signals off the moon. We even streamed the received echoes across the internet for others to listen in.

Although we reached a major milestone this weekend, we are far from done. Rust is still attacking the telescope. We want to reach higher sensitivities in the future, to be able to do astronomical work again - stay tuned for more news.

We would like to thank ASTRON for allowing us to restore this prized instrument, and our volunteers for their hard work.
Copyright: Paul Boven / CAMRAS
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