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Royal attention for LOFAR

Submitter: Femke Boekhorst
Description: On May 6th Her majesty Queen Beatrix visited Buinen. During this visit, that took place in hotel Hartlief, she was informed by Mike Garrett and Peter Bennema about the LOFAR project. With the posters that are momentarily displayed in the hall of the building, Mike Garrett explained about the LOFAR project and its scientific aspects.

On the picture you can see the queen listening to Martha Buitenkamp from the LOFAR Tafel talking about the initiatives taken by this organization. The LOFAR Tafel is an initiative of entrepreneurs in the region who want to develop and execute ideas concerning LOFAR. They want to accomplish an economic spin-off by promoting the area. Besides this, Eric van der Bilt (in the picture on the right), talked about the development of nature in de LOFAR area.

On the right of the Queen is Commissaris of the Queen of Provincie Drenthe, mr. A.L. ter Beek. On her left Hans Peters, an inhabitant of Buinen and Peter Bennema (ASTRON). One of the farmers in the LOFAR area, mr L. van der Laan (just in the picture on the far right) also attended the visit. He talked about the positive way ASTRON communicated with the former landowners in the Central Core.
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