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Live demo of e-VLBI from four continents

Submitter: Kristine Yun
Description: On 22 May, in conjunction with Huib Jan van Langevelde's closing plenary talk at the TERENA Networking Conference 2008 in Bruges, Belgium, EXPReS conducted a live demonstration of an e-VLBI session. This demo was particularly noteworthy for the inclusion of new e-EVN additions Hartebeesthoek and TIGO, making this the first e-VLBI observation from four continents.

The above image shows Huib Jan describing the demo in progress and fringes between Arecibo and other participating stations: Onsala, Medicina, Effelsberg, Hartebeesthoek, Westerbork and TIGO.

Additional information about this e-VLBI session is available from the EXPReS press release. Video of Huib Jan's talk is also available on the TNC 2008 web site.
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