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The Yebes 40-m Telescope joins the European VLBI Network

Submitter: Stefanie Muehle
Description: Last Friday, the new Spanish Yebes 40-m telescope (Ys) participated for the first time in a VLBI experiment. During the network monitoring test at K-band (22GHz), Yebes transferred a few seconds of Mark 5B data by ftp to JIVE in Dwingeloo. There they were correlated with Mark 5A data from the Effelsberg 100-m telescope, using the JIVE software correlator.

We are very happy to announce that we have found the first interference fringes with this new telescope. These fringes were later confirmed by the Bonn hardware correlator. Congratulations to the Yebes staff!

In addition, we have demonstrated that the JIVE software correlator can now also handle the Mark 5B data format. Please see http://www.evlbi.org/tog/ftp_fringes/N08K2/index.html for more detailed results.
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