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On the Move

Submitter: Marjan Tibbe
Description: To enable ASTRON to study the phenomena surrounding our Earth, more down-to-Earth activities cannot be neglected. After the summer, all Radio Observatory staff presently located in Westerbork, need to have a place to work in Dwingeloo. Next to this, newly hired staff for the Astronomy Group and Radio Observatory Division need to get a spot as well. With the limited office space in Dwingeloo (we will get rid of Paviljoen Zuid), it is a challengeing puzzle for Facilitaire Zaken to allocate office space – and also to keep the people on the move smiling. (Especially since the move includes some venerable old Dinosaurs, who are innovative thinkers but dislike change).

The photo shows Alex Benjamins moving a desk. He’s part of team of ‘movers’ (also including the ICT department) working on a long list of ‘staff on the move’.
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