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SKA - the movie!

Submitter: Michael Garrett
Description: The SKA (Square Kilomtre Array) project office recently commissioned an animation associated with the SKA Reference Design - "SKA: international radio telescope for the 21st Century". A "still" from the movie is presented above - see www.skatelescope.org for the animation, together with additional images of the array, - under the "pictures and movies" link. The key technologies being pursued by ASTRON (Aperture Arrays and Focal Plane Arrays) feature prominently in the new images.

One of ASTRON's priorities is to be fully involved in the SKA project at all levels. ASTRON and JIVE Staff play a prominent role in nearly all of the relevant SKA committees, working groups (WG) and task forces (TF): Raffaella Morganti, Heino Falcke (Science WG); Ger de Bruyn (Science WG, Calibration & Imaging TF); Albert Jan Boonstra (Engineering WG, RFI mitigation, signal processing TFs); Dion Kant (Engineering WG; RF systems TF); Willem Baan (Site Evaluation WG); Rene Vermeulen (Operations WG); Jan Geralt bij de Vaate (RF systems TF); Andre Gunst (Signal processing TF); Peter Maat (Signal transmission TF); Wim Brouw, Michiel Brentjens, Huib Jan van Langevelde (Computing TF); Jan Reitsma (Industrial liaison); Ronald Nijboer, Jan Noordam, Oleg Smirnov (Calibration and Imaging TF); Leonid Gurvits (Simulations WG); Jaap Bregman (System Eng. TF); Sergei Pogrebenko (Signal Processing TF), Arnold van Ardenne (SSEC - SKA Sci & Eng Committee), Marco de Vos (Int. Eng. Advisory Committee), Mike Garrett (SSEC and SSEC executive).
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