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Venus Express @ Metsahovi

Submitter: Dmitry Duev
Description: The ESA VEX spacecraft was observed by the Metsahovi radio telescope on July 11 2008 at X band using 8 MHz bandwidth data capture. Broad band data was processed with the new Metsahovi software spectrometer and analysed at JIVE. We are happy to approach the milliHz spectral resolution, dynamic range of 10^6 and picosecond level of phase detection accuracy, thereby allowing us to extend the GPS-like positioning accuracy of the human-made objects to the distance of Saturn's orbit and beyond.

Although there are still some problems with the data processing pipeline, preliminary results are very encouraging.

Dmitry Duev, on behalf of the project team : J.Wagner, G.Molera, M.Uunila, A.Mujunen, J.Ritakari, S.Pogrebenko, M.Avruch, L.Gurvits, with thanks to M.Peres Ayucar.
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