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Final touches of the ASTRON huisstijl!

Submitter: Femke Boekhorst
Description: On Friday 5 September, the final touches for the new ASTRON "huisstijl" were applied to the building. The sign in the parking lot was replaced by a sign with the new ASTRON logo. ASTRON & JIVE staff members can expect to see a new shiny sign every time they enter the premises, instead of the old sign, which was partially broken and had a hole in it for the past week. The sign on the wall outside the entrance was adjusted as well.

Last but not least, the ASTRON flag has been replaced. As the old flag came down, a small group of ASTRON staff members cheered Alex Benjamins while he was hoisting the new flag. We can now enjoy the sight of a completely new flag, carrying the new institute logo.
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