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Home sweet home: Aziz in Sweden!

Submitter: Margreet Bakker (Avenance)
Description: A few weeks ago, I visited Aziz and his wife in their new house in Sweden. The property is located in between the large lakes, in the middle of Sweden, just north of the national park Tiveden, near lake Unden. The property is ~ 26 hectares of which 19 are forest. It takes 3 hours to walk around it! Besides the main house, there are three smaller houses that need to be renovated, also a large barn and a double garage. They want to open up a bed & breakfast for special groups as of April 1st 2009. The main house is located 500 metres from the (dirt) road, which is 3 km from the main road between Tived and Askersund.

Aziz seems very happy surrounded by his horses and dog, even though he has to drive 25km to the nearest supermarket and petrol station! He sends his regards to all his friends in Dwingeloo!

He has a website: www.retraite-zweden.com
Copyright: Bakker/ASTRON
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