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Astrophysics in the E-LOFAR era

Submitter: Lars Bähren, Corina Vogt, Michiel van Haarlem
Description: 140 enthusiastic LOFARians followed the invitation for the international workshop on Astrophysics in the E-LOFAR era that was organised by GLOW (the German Long Wavelength consortium) in Hamburg, from 16-19 September. The
participants were invited to explore and discuss current and future science perspectives of low-frequency radio observations, in particular LOFAR. The meeting in Hamburg was an excellent opportunity to discuss the capabilities of LOFAR and wide areas of science were covered, ranging from the Epoch of reionisation, pulsars & transients, surveys, lensing, planets, cosmic rays to finally our sun and space weather.

The participants were curious to hear about the progress of the LOFAR roll-out and they are eager to see the first data coming from the stations. It also became clear that LOFAR has become a truly European project: not only because of the eight (or more) LOFAR stations that will be built throughout Europe by our international partners but also because of an enthusiastic European community waiting to use the instrument.

We would like to thank the organisers for this very motivating workshop!
Copyright: Lars Bähren, Corina Vogt, Michiel van Haarlem
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